Friday, January 6, 2012

The Solimando Family

The Solimando Family

A Bit about the Solimando Family from Maryann.
Please note that Freddies was at 762 Roebling Avenue and at
this location later on came the Burg Legend La Gondola

Hi Mack.

My grandmother's brother, Freddy Solimando, owned Freddy's Bar on
Roebling Avenue. My grandmother, Mary Solimando Mituri, worked
in the kitchen. There was also a Mary Bonnani that worked with
him also. Here is a very old picture of the Solimando family,
Freddy is the second from the left and my grandmother is the
little girl.
There also was a Solimando Cafe that another one of my
Grandmother's brothers owned on Broad Street near Elmer Street.
The Solimando family grew up on 242 Elmer Street.


Thank You Maryann, This is great:)


Jeff D said...

My grandfather's second wife was Caterina (Nina) Bonanni. I wonder if they were related.

Anonymous said...

Hi MaryAnn - I am wondering if this is a relation to my grandmother's family and I believe it is. My grandmother was Madeline "Madge" Solimando. She had 2 brothers, Mickey & Fred. She too, lived on Elmer Street, growing up. I also recall my grandmother mentioning a Mary Bonnani. Let me know if this is any relation!! You can also email me at

Maryann said...

Was your grandmother's married name DePuglia? I am sure your grandmother is a sister of my grandmother. I will email you!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Maryann...

This has to be my family...

Freddy was my Grandfathers brother, (Michael). His son John was my father.

Although my parents separated at a young age, I have clear memories of sitting on a big red leather chair in Freddies Restaurant as a very young child. I believe Freddy passed when I was about four years old.

Can you provide any information about the picture above?

It's a bit blurry when you click on it, but man the gene pool seems strong. I'd like to know if my grandfather is in that picture.

You can reach me at trentonjeffy at yah dot com. Thanks!