Friday, August 3, 2012

Levin Candy, South Clinton Avenue, The Burg

Levin Candy, South Clinton Avenue, The Burg
This was Levin Candy Company in my Burg day. A cool
looking triangular shaped building. I am told it
was once a place that sold chickens and had live
chickens on the premisis.


Anonymous said...

Every neighborhood until the 1960's had a live poultry shop till they fell from favor. Mom used to send me down for a "capon" since it was larger than a chicken (a rooster that was "fixed"), and as kids we loved to ask Anthony to go out back and look at the chickens and ducks in their wooden cages. The building next to the Buffstone, now a Karate place used to be a poultry market.


soapstone said...

Levin candy was once on the other side of Clinton ave on the 1000 block they moved when Colemen chicken store closed. they use to back a truck up to the front of the store and butcher the chickens right there you could watch from the street. There was another candy store at 1033 S. Clinton Ave, Ace candy company woned by the Quackenboss' their daughter was my baby sitter two girls, Helen and Jean and a son Bill who had a Wize Potato chip route for many years and his route went from Trenton to Toms River.