Saturday, August 25, 2012

Fall Comes To Columbus Park , The Burg

Fall Comes To Columbus Park , The Burg
I walked through Columbus Park most frequently during my
years going to Trenton High 1977 to 1980. So autumn in
the park reminds of long ago school days:)


Anonymous said...

I drove by the park yesterday and paused a moment. It wasn't a train wreck but aside from the weeds being mowed there is no other real maintenance.

Over to DeLorenzo's for a pie and learned they will be moving soon out to a shop on Sloan at Quakerbridge. The Risoldi Market shop was just temporary. They will be in the Bob Evans Restaurant shortly.


Mack said...

Hi Skip:)

Some places look the same from the old days and many views of Columbus Park are like that :))

Barb P said...

Was talking the other day about when they put the statue of Christopher Columbus in the park. We were sitting on the steps of the church across the way, waiting patiently for them leave, so we could climb on it and hug old Chris. I also heard about the DeLorenzo move to the township. Pie will taste the same, but what's pie without ambiance? So sad.