Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Post From Noel Vento/The Rago Family 1921

A Post From Noel Vento/The Rago Family 1921

Noel wrote...........
Mack, The Rago kids.
This is a picture of my mother and her sisters and
brother, at the time. It was taken in 1920 or 1921.
She was the oldest of 9 children. My mother,Connie,
is on the far right. Next to her is my Aunt Grace
"Mamie, " then Uncle Carmen, next is my Aunt
Jeannie, actually a great aunt. Then Aunt Lucy,
Aunt Tally and Aunt Maddie. Not pictured are yet
to be born, Uncle U. Frank "UU," Aunt Terry, and
Uncle Frankie. My Aunt Mamie is well known in
Hamilton as one of the "greatest educators,"
Grace Bolge. She is still going strong at 96! She
even has a FaceBook page! Happy Mother's Day to
all the Burg Mothers, past, present and future.
Viva la familia! God Bless the Old Burg!


JoeZ said...

Noel: Nice to trace and keep track of the ones we love. Nice picture and post.

Barb P said...

Mr and Mrs Bolge were great friends of my late mom and dad, Helen and John Freund. They were a lovely, genteel couple with old world charm we don't see today. When I transfered from St Anthonys to Trenton High, she was my 4th year French teacher and to this day the I believe her French was better than anyone I've heard speak native French in Paris.