Monday, July 23, 2012

300 Roebling Avenue The Burg. Once the Fulton Meat Market

300 Roebling Avenue The Burg. Once the Fulton Meat
Market. At the corner of Roebling Avenue and Fulton Street:)

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Paul Nicolai said...

Thanks for posting this. I grew up there with my sister Massimina and brother Ernesto. My parents, Pat & Ernie owned it until dad died in 2008. My grandmother, Massimina Nicolai, lived next door at 134 Fulton St. directly across the street from the store was Johnny Boston's restaurant until later it became Sal DeForte. I remember when Mary Roebling used to go to Johnny Boston's when I was a kid. Dad bought the store from his mother and father. Nonna Massimina used to clean tripe and non no Paolo used to sell it from a cart going around the Burg.

All three of us went to St. Joachim's school. I went to Cathedral high school after that. My brother went to St. Anthony's and my sister went to Villa Victoria – mom and dad were having nothing of co-ed high school for my sister.

The Fulton Travel store on the corner of Roebling Avenue & Fulton St was owned by my Aunt Louise Nicolai. She is alive and living in Robbinsville. My aunt Clare Nicolai lives in Lawrenceville. My uncle John Nicolai lives in Ewing.

My parent and dad's parents, Paolo & Massimina Nicolai are buried at St. Mary's at the foot of the huge white marble stone with Jesus kneeling at the Garden of Gethsemane. My brother Ernesto died in 1987 and is in the mausoleum there.

My nonno and nonna Cattani (Vardemore & Emma) lived at 214 Mott St. They owned the chicken store on Whittaker Avenue next door to the Gulf Station and across the street from the ice house on Swan St. Nonno used to work at Roebling's in his younger days. My mother, Preziosa, was one of 4. They are all gone including Orlando, Joe (who lived in Bristol, PA) and Tony (who lived near Pittsburgh, PA). My cousins Valle and Stevie Cattani still live down there but not in the Burg. Orlando died in the 80's. He lived in the Burg his whole life. He used to own the chicken store and after it closed, managed the Roman Hall. His wife, my Aunt Delfina Cattani, came over to marry him on the Andrea Doria when it sank near Boston. Luckly, she survived,

My mother's cousin Dino used to own the luncheonette on the corner of Butler & Whittaker. He used to make homemade cappocollo that we all ate at Easter with what we used to call cheesecake - the big yellow kind made with romano and eggs. Luckily, my wife learned how to do it or that tradition would also have died.

I live in Springfield, MA now. Met my wife here in college and never moved out.

If I can find some pictures, I will scan and send.