Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tracys 5 & 10, Hamilton Avenue, Villa Park

Tracys 5 & 10, Hamilton Avenue, Villa Park
When I was a kid I thought all 5 & 10 stores were called
tracys ! :)


Anonymous said...

That was the closest 5 & 10 to us when I was a kid but that hike from Wilbur seemed like we were headed for the Donner Pass in a mule train. Mom walked fast and the short legs of a 4 year old trying to keep up.

You knew you were going to get a little trinket like one of those paddle balls on a rubber band but it seemed like it took a day and a half to hike there. Worst of all we just got a TV and I would miss "Winky Dink". Ask your Dad about The Adventures of Winky Dink, it was pretty cool.


JoeZ said...

Skip: Roe watched Winky Dinky,I never saw it or if I did can't remember the show. Tracy's had everything just like Willet's. Kid loved buying Wigwam socks there and All-Father's Easter Eggs.

Barb P said...

Wow Skip, remember the green plastic you put on the screen. Interactive Winky Dink, ahead of it's time.