Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Greenwood Theater 1964

The Greenwood Theater 1964
This was the opening of the Beatles movie "A Hard Days' Night".
I am sure many Burg area folks saw that film here and some
reading this may be in this picture:)


Anonymous said...

Ouch Mack! Take a good look at that pic. No guy worth is Hurst shifter would have been caught dead going in to see a Beatles flick back in 1964.

The guys were more Four Seasons, Rolling Stones, Beach Boys or Dave Clark. Songs like Little Deuce Coupe or "409", or Drinkin' Wine Spoodie Odie, were the guy songs.

Those are all gals lined up and screaming over the "Mop Tops".

Things changed later toward 1968 when our gals dragged us in but that was more of a hug & squeeze with popcorn up in the balcony thing.


One thing we did when I was at ND back then was to turn our sport coat collar inside the jacket. Always caught by Mom or Sister Raymond it would come back out. Of course Sister Ray would measure the girls skirts 1" from the knee and as soon as she did they would do a few rolls at the waist to flash a bit of leg.

I'm still amazed we all didn't end up in prison or the county work house acting out like that.

Mack said...

Hi Skip:)
Great post LOL :)