Friday, August 17, 2012

Turiddo Simone 1967

Turiddo Simone 1967

Turiddo Simone was with the Italian Consulate in Trenton from 1946
to 1967 :)

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Barb P said...

His daughter Angela was one of my girlfriend at Immaculate and later at St Anthonys HS. He made her leave to go to Villa, because he didn't like her hanging around with us peasants who like to go to the dances, grab a tomato pie and just have fun. I left St Anthonys in 1965 to go to Trenton High and once we both left we lost touch, but she was a great friend while it lasted There was also a very spoiled younger brother Carlo and 2older sisters that lived in Italy, whose names escape me, that had bit parts in the trendy spaghetti westerns. Mrs Simone was a concert pianist and was the best cook this side of Roma.