Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Trenton Catholic Basketball Team 1961

Trenton Catholic Basketball Team 1961. Mike Johnson, John McLeod,
Terri Morawski, John Valanis, Doug Hice, Ed Petrano, Coach Father
Clarence O'Shea.


JoeZ said...

Mack, One of the finest teams in those days, Terry Morawski a great center, the late Doug Hice and of course Father Clarence the coach. I would have gone to TC however that was its final year and they transferred to Cathedral High School. Had the pleasure of seeing this team play for TC and Cathedral. Nice picture Mack.

Dan Granaldi said...

This was the 61-62 season. These guys were my classmates! We all went to cathedral and were the first graduating coed class, class of 63. Ed Petrano graduated in 62. Last graduating class from Trenton Catholic!

Buddy A said...
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Buddy A said...

The year 1964 TC lost to Levittown Bishop Eagan. Morawski and Hice played. So crowded I was let in thru the locker room window. It was one of the BE players. Cannot remember the score, though. 😆