Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lou Crecco 1981

Lou Crecco 1981 :)


frank r said...

Lou Crecco was a decent man. He was a great host and owner and his restaurant served many staisfied customers over the years. I lived at 200 Ashmore Ave. Lou Crecco bought our house in September 1978. He was planning on knocking it down to make a parking lot for his establishment. However the City of Trenton said no. i knew a guy who lived there several years later and into the early 1990s. I still think of and miss the neighborhood and my old house.

Mack said...

Lou gave me a $5 Christmas Tip as a paperboy one the 1970s that was a very good tip. He was a nice guy:)

frank r said...

Creccos The La Gondola Trionfettis are all just a memory now. However a good one. I have been out of the burg since 1978. I was 12 years of age when we moved. I still remember with fondness my youth. It is a shame to see the old neighborhood so runned down these days. This is not a safe place anymore and I would not walk around this area in fear of being mugged stabbed shot jumped or even killed.