Wednesday, August 1, 2012

List of Burg Area Bakeries in the 1960s

List of Burg Area Bakeries in the 1960s
Anthonys Pastry Shop 54 Butler St, Barberos Bakery 61 Conrad St,
Blumenthal's 908 S Broad St, Cannizzaro Brothers Bakery 410
Hudson St, Deeks Bakery 1143 Hamilton Av,Eddies Hot Donuts
Shop 132 Butler St, Home Town Bakery 1327 Liberty St,
Hubers Bakery 1205 S Broad St, Italian Peoples Bakery 63 Butler St
,Kropacs Bakery 539 Hamilton Av, Landofis Pastry Shop 122
Butler St, Mimis Pastry Shop 27 Butler St, Nardis Bakery
600 Whittaker Av, New Colonial Bakery 305 Hudson St,
Paramount Bakery 400 Genesee St, Royal Bakery 48 Hudson St
UPDATE: Also Priors Donuts at S Clinton Av & Liberty St,
The Elite Bakery on 2nd Street. and Mimis was also known as
Chiarmellos. Kramers Bagels.

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