Saturday, August 4, 2012

Atlantic Mills, Jersey Street, South Trenton

Atlantic Mills, Jersey Street, South Trenton


Anonymous said...

"Mom we have been looking through the bin for that other size 6 shoe for 20 minutes, can't we just go to a normal store?" It's hot and up and down those old factory ramps with the old factory carts and everything is a jumble in huge boxes and crates and bins. Today if I were to make it into aa movie or book I'd call it "Revenge of The Dollar Store" or "Merchants Gone Wild". At least you appreciated shopping downtown with Mom after a day at "The Mills".


Mack said...

Hi Skip:)

Atlantic Mills was the place we did school shopping quite a few times with Mom just a bit too happy on those trips in my judgement LOL..and it would be right around this time of year :))

JoeZ said...

Mack and Skip - Granny lived on Home Ave. Atlantic Mills was a trip a week.

frank r said...

Yes we shopped here. What i remember most about this store is the V shaped walkway to enter and the store was in the basement. The N. Olden Ave Building across from the Old Korvettes is still standing to this day.