Thursday, August 2, 2012

1978 Area Places To Go List

1978 Area Places To Go List

Tiffany Lounge, 41 Liberty Street

The Widows Watch Disco, 1200 South Broad Street.
(with DJ Phil Mancine)

Dukes, Quakerbridge Mall, Appearing "Capital Seven"

Brothers Saloon, Hamilton, Appearing "Trilogy"

Charley's Brother, Hamilton, Appearing "Small Fry"

The Four Ds, 698 South Clinton Avenue, GoGo Girls

The Camelot Lounge, 798 Chambers Street, GoGo Girls

Alley Oops, 1200 Kuser Rd (Hamilton Bowling Lanes)
Appearing "Steppin Out"

The Treasure Chest, 801 South Clinton Avenue
Appearing "The Country Cream"

Saint Charles Place, Rt 33, Appearing "Cop Shoo Bops"

JC's Pub 1280 Hamilton Avenue, Appearing "Chase"

The Keg, Whittaker&Beatty, Appearing "The Burg Er Bits"

Dart Tavern 24 Coates Street, GoGo Girls

Buffstones, 1732 South Olden Avenue


Anonymous said...

Charlie's took off like a rocket back around 1968 or so. I think the original was "Good Time Charlie's" in Princeton and that led to Charlie's Brothers outside Pennington on the road to Hopewell and there was also a "Charlie's Other Brother" somewhere in the area. They were noted for the prime rib and a salad that had those tiny shrimp. New Brunswick had a "Charlie Brown's" but I think that was a large chain that emerged later.


Mack said...

Hi Skip:)

I think I remember one of these in Kingston :)

Anonymous said...

Mack, you are quite right. It was Kingston, not Princeton. My memory is flawed being dazzled by the young lady I was with that evening, she was from Mr. Glover's Bromley (Hollywood Avenue).