Thursday, July 26, 2012

Junior Four The Auditorium

Junior Four The Auditorium
What a beautiful school Junior Four still is. Here is the
Auditorium where I walked off stage with my little paper
in hand in June of 1977 on my way to Trenton High. Never
to return again until now for these pictures:


JoeB said...

A little before your time, I was on the Safety Patrol and for Three years my post was out in Hall by the schools entrance to the Hall. 1942 1943 1945. Lot of great memories. I remember Grace Dunn well, when she blew her whistle,the whold school became quiet, if you or someone spoke we were punished by not allowing to talk while changing classes. Try that today.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mike, I am sure you remember this. We had a combined Algebra class in the auditorium. On the first day, the Teacher, I don't remember his name, a blonde haired young guy, also a gym teacher, had to move an old slate blackboard. As he rolled it over it got to close to the front of the stage and fell over. That board broke into thousands of pieces. That was 7th or 8th grade.
Carl Le Jambre