Monday, July 16, 2012

Destribats Family Items

Destribats family item: (Motorworld Magazine Sep 11 1913)..
Louis P Destribats , VP of Ajax-Grieb Rubber (of Trenton)
sailed this week for France where he will spend 6 weeks.
He is a native of that country which he has not visited
since leaving there as a young man, and is now going chiefly
to see his father whom he has not seen for many years.
Motor Age Magazine 1915 : When manufacture of Ajax tires
was first begun in 1906 the employes numbered but sixteen,
including Mr. De Lisser and Mr. Destribats.
India Rubber & Tire Review 1922 : The Common Pleas Court
at Trenton has given permission to Jean-Baptiste Denis
Destribats to assume the name of Louis Pierre P Destribats .
Mr Louis P has been using that name for many years.

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