Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Balloon Man of Cadwallader Park

The Balloon Man of Cadwallader Park

While the park was not in the Burg, many Burg folks might
remember this guy when they went to this park :)


Cathy J said...

For all of my life, whenever I hear the Elton John song, Levon, and the words 'Levon sold cartoon balloons in town' I think of the balloon guy at Cadwallader Park. Even though i was a very little girl.

Anonymous said...

With his helium tank, filling one after the other.

Who was he? Must have been a local of interesting lore.

There were only two concessions, him and the little confectionery/deli across Stuyvesant.

Devils and Angel's Cave, but there was never a cave, just a gully.


Mack said...

Wow. Thanks for the comments Cathy & Skip. I remember the monkey house and the fire engine rides most from that park :)

Anonymous said...

Mack, your age is showing! :)

Check back and in a blog of 2010 you had a whole write up on him. He was to be in the Olympics but since he was Jewish, refused to go because of Hitler and later fought at the "Bulge".

Quite a guy ... Abromowitz? ... he only wanted a simple peaceful life when he came back from war and became the balloon man.