Saturday, June 2, 2012

Random News Items of Long Ago

Random News Items of Long Ago. June 1909 Trenton True American...for the past 5 years about 1,000 Italian Immigrants have come to the city annually but only around 100 so far this year due to the recession. 3,500 are members of Saint Joachims Church (Pastor Aloysius Pozzi). September 19 1909 Trenton True American..Garibaldi Day Celebration in Tenth Ward Park on the 29th anniversary of the unification of Italy. Garibaldi Lodge Local #102 , Chairman Antony Pittaro, Secretary Dominic Russo, Treasurer Gaetano Pagliaro. July 31 1894 Daily True American.. Giovanni Jachetti has opened a school at his home on 188 Division Street. July 29th 1895 Daily True American Tenth Ward Park was purchased in 1888 for $13,000 . It is bounded by South Clinton Avenue, Emory Avenue, Morris Avenue, and Division Street. June 12 1887 Daily True American.. Chambersburg Borough Council approves permission for Roeblings elevated steam pipe across South Clinton Avenue.

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