Friday, June 1, 2012

Random Items

Random Items Daily True American Sep 14 1908. 10,000 participate in great celebration of nativity feast (on butler street between hudson & s clinton). Daily True American Sep 12 1883 Trains from NYC to Trenton AM 745 930 1115 PM 130 400 530 700 1200.. Trenton Historical Society: In the late 1920s the Trenton Board of Education had the foresight and the good fortune to acquire one of the last undeveloped tracts in the city: the 36-acre Chambers Farm, then used as a nursery. Trenton Central High School (TCHS) opened on January 4, 1932 and was formally dedicated on January 18 amid a crowd of five thousand. Philly Inquirer Feb 9 1992...Even in an area renowned for its superb Italian restaurants, La Gondola Ristorante stands out as first among equals. .....from a blog (but also on other sites on the net)..... By the 18th century the macaroni supplier to the White House was a certain Giovanni Battista Sartori, who had established a pasta making factory in Trenton, New Jersey, some say the first of its kind in America....

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