Tuesday, June 26, 2012

John Cipriano 1978

John Cipriano 1978 I was too young to know about politics in 1978 and do not know what position Mr Cipriano was running for or if he won. This is John on the porch of the home he was born in (427 Elmer Street) with its owners Linda & Mario Innocenzi. I remember walking past this sign :)

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Anonymous said...

Cipriano was a long standing City Councilman. Where he was born was one thing but "slept here" would be much more in keeping with the "yellow journalism" of T' Towns politics. It's hard to believe that such tawdry babble and dirty laundry was once off limits for the press and they respected a persons "private" life. That changed in the post-JFK era and it even came out that FDR and Dwight had some events "of note".