Thursday, May 24, 2012

Vecere Jewelers Grand Opening

Vecere Jewelers Grand Opening Located on 900 South Clinton Avenue in the Burg. The grand opening was October 5, 1970 :)


Anonymous said...

They moved in the 80's to the Lawrence Shopping Center; don't know if they are still there. The family home was originally on the same street as the corner deli across from Cadwalader Park on Stuyvesant.

Gee, that little deli probably made more than half the jewelery shops in town. Talk about having a monopoly, they were the only place in the whole darned area for a soda or ice cream.


Anonymous said...

That just brought to mind the Pratico family from the Burg. It was hard to keep the "Pratico Jewelers" straight.

Good deals, they kept the overhead down by operating from a basement or kitchen. Got my wedding band from Loraine Pratico on Lalor Street but there was Tony and a host of others you could do a whole day on that "empire" Mack!

Mack said...

I think both have family still in the biz in the greater Trenton area :)