Friday, May 18, 2012

McCorristin School Flag , October 1982

McCorristin School Flag , October 1982. Jack Malkin, Ms Diane Caprario, Roseanne Tomasluo, & Margaret Raymond. (I count more kids then the names here but thats what the picture caption said). There was no Trenton Catholic or Cathedral in my Burg era. The kids who did not go to Trenton High mostly attended Saint Anthony's which became McCorristin. A few did go to Notre Dame in Lawrence too:)

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Jack Malkin said...

The caption should have read (from left to right), Jack Malkin, Anthony Pinto, Nancy Broda, Ms. Diane Caprario, Rosanne Tomasulo and Margaret Raymond. Good friends and cherished memories... 30 years already... seems impossible... I wish them all health and happiness.