Monday, May 14, 2012

The Hudson Beer Garden before the Chiacchios

The Hudson Beer Garden before the Chiacchios From a Trenton Times Bill Dwyer Column 3-12-2000.. LOOKING BACK with Mrs. Santina P. Pellitteri of Hamilton: ''You might be interested in knowing that THE HUDSON BEER GARDEN was originally a saloon operated by my grandfather Peter Eleuteri. I was born at that location, Hudson and Mott sts., on November the 3rd, 1922. Though I now live in Hamilton, my roots are in Trenton. ''My father was a chauffeur for the Kuser family so in my younger years we lived in an apartment over the garages at the beautiful mansion on West State St. My father later became a mechanic working on the trucks at the brewery on Lamberton St. I think the beer was called Trenton Old Stock. ''We were then living on Chambers St., and my sister, brother and I went to the Hewitt School, a mere two blocks away. We always walked home for lunch. One day Dad came home to lunch with one of the Kuser cars, an electric car! All the children stared at this strange-looking, silent car when Dad drove us back to school.

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