Thursday, May 3, 2012

December 1968 In The Burg Area

December 1968 In The Burg Area At the corner of South Broad Street and Liberty Street was Humphry's Department Store. I never heard of this store. Dr. Berish, Chiropractor was at the corner of Liberty Street and South Clinton Avenue. Did you know the Chambers Street branch of Old Borough Savings & Loan was once Security National Bank. "The Butcher Shoppe" was at the corner of Whittaker Avenue and Mott Street. Villa Park Paint was on 71 Pierce Avenue in Villa Park. Roller Derby was at the Trenton Civic Center. The Tremont Bar had "Little Miss Short". Lanzi's Lounge on 41 Liberty Street had "The Madcaps" The Chit Chat at 1218 South Clinton Avenue had "Woody". Hamilton Villa at 1222 Hamilton Avenue had "John Farina". Holiday Inn Trenton had "Jays 5". Tony Cal's on Route 33 had "The Bruce Hull Trio" Freddys Bar on 762 Roebling Avenue had "Johnny Blakeslee". Murphy's Chuckwagon had "Galaxies IV". Ivy Tavern on 3108 South Broad Street had "Val-Aires Trio". The Living Room on 1458 Chambers St had "Johnny Coles Trio". Feketes Bar on 712 South Broad Street had "Rainy Days Are". Jerry McHales Tavern 900 Liberty Street had "Richie Ciccio". Wertz's Corner on 3 Stokely Avenue had Go Go Girls. Dart Tavern at 24 Coates Street had Go Go Girls.

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