Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Burg Restaurant Review 1975

Burg Restaurant Review 1975 Crecco's : Probubly the best known spot in the Burg. Lou's pride is the fettuchini alfredo. most people remember the special salad, steak & chops very good. Top notch drinks. Trionfetti's: Would you believe the best roast pork and saurkraut outside of Pennsylvania Dutch Country? Campo's: Don't miss the snapper soup. And don't ruin it with too much of the very good sherry. Rossi's: The biggest and best Hamburger in town for less than a buck. Antipasto alfredo excelllent and the beef cacciatore (only on weekends) is outstanding. The Keg: All the pasta is great and the fettuchini alfredo is the best in the Burg. Peroni's: Some say its the best restaurant in the Burg. What to order? Just tell George to do it his way. Marsilios: Great for a family affair. Has more of the Italian restaurant atmosphere than any place in the Burg. Good food at reasonable prices. Roman Hall: Another good food al Italia. Inexpensive. Pasta a specialty. Hudson Garden: The mussels are tough to beat and the giant sandwiches (try steak pizziaola or sausage) a meal unto themselves. Choquettes: Not Italian. But their food business is growing as they expand. Its good and getting better. Clin-Mott: This place could be on docks of Baltimore or Boston. Good seafood in a dilapidated tap room. The Emory Cafe: New management. The jury is still out but it should be a good one. LaGondola: Nice atmosphere. Good food. Great Portions. Johnny Boston's: In a class by itself. Food excellent prices steep. Reservations manditory. Almost a private club.

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