Thursday, May 17, 2012

Beatlefest 1979 , The War Memorial

Beatlefest 1979 , The War Memorial Bud Belviso & John Carderelli,Owners of Rock Dreams Records on Rt33 Hamilton, Here promoting the first BEATLEFEST at the War Memorial. December 1, 1979. It had Michael Tearson of 93.3 WMMR FM, The Mahoney Brothers, and Lou Yeager-who went thru the silly Paul is Dead thing (entertaining !)... I was there on that day :)


Jim Carlucci said...

I was there as well. I was the sound man for the Mahoney Brothers at the time and ran the PA for the entire show.

Mack said...

Hi Jim:)

Good job, it was a great day :)

davestruck67 said...

I saw the Mahoney brothers at grice middle school as a student. I graduated there in 81. Do you know what date they played there? I wanna say it was right before graduation but I am not sure. I recall loving their show even now!!!