Thursday, May 10, 2012

549 Hamilton Avenue, 1958, The Burg

549 Hamilton Avenue, 1958, The Burg In later years this became Michele Lorie's Cheesecakes, a Burg legend. It was Charley Coniglio's Barber Shop in the 1950s. God Bless The Old Burg :)


SJBill said...

Mack, I'm not sure, but in '61 - '63 eras, this place may have been a pretty decent coin shop. Without too much money, a THS student could buy over one-hundred year old items like silver three cent pieces and half-dimes, the selling price being much more than five cents, for sure.

One day, the collection turned up in a 803 S. Clinton butcher and candy shop, having been converted into into bubble gum by my younger brother. ;-)

Mack said...

Hi SJ.

I find a PRINCETON STAMP & COIN SHOP at 543 Hamilton in 1963 owber Charles Windham (who lived in Titusville at that time).

SJBill said...

Thanks! that was the place! Looks like I was off by a few doors. The coin shop was nice place to stop on the way home, to delay beginning homework. Jimmies Camera Shop was another of those places.

Ben's Aquarium on Rusling Street also sold coins for a while.