Saturday, April 21, 2012

Junior Four Teachers List

Junior Four Teachers List
A list of Teachers from Junior Four:)
1974-1976 (my day)
Mr Trout-Shop, Mr Ong-Math, Mr Ballina-Print Shop, Mr Zelley-Science,
Ms Fink-Art, Mr Wah-Gym, Mr Smith-Gym, Mr Zoda-Social Studies, Mr
Buttich-History, Ms Schaeffer-English,Ms Fabe-English, Mrs Ronca,
Ms Norcross-Music, Mr Chiarello-Typing, Mr Bloomingdale, Ms Mule,
Principal Sam Cortina, Mr Krystofic, Mr Jones, Mr Ronan, Ms Rossein.
Mr Cicale-Math, Mr Lewis-Science, Mr Mitchell-Shop, Ms Nath-English.
Also Ms Herrick-Library and Mr Patyka-Gym.

SJBills List:
Mr Ballina-Print Shop, Mrs Schaeffer, Mr Ketterer A-9, Tom Depula-Shop,
Ms Emily Tomilson, Mr Brennan, Ms Mary Papp, Mr Hirsch-Science,
Mr Gale-Mechanical Drawing, Mr Fred Staudenmayer-Swimming,Mr
Tony Coppola-Gym, Ms Martha Sollenberger-Music, Ms Henry-Music,
Ms Lottie Lee Dinkins-English.

SAX's List: (1956)
Miss Hill, Principal, Mr Krall Vice-Principal, Mr Ketterer A-9,
Bessie Hunt-English, Gladys Mayhew-Art, Ralph Binz,Kathryn Henry,
Martha Sollenberger (Mr Fabiano came later), Mr Toft, Mr Donlon,
Mr Studenmeyer Gym, Mrs Schindewolf-History, Mr Slet-Math,
Mr Gale-Mechanical Drawing, Mr Daniels-Science, Mr Bellina-Print
Shop, Mr Deptula-Shop, Mrs Caputo,Mrs Todd.

I note that Mr Ballina and Mrs Scaeffer were there in his time and
mine (mine 1974-1976) and Mr Coppola was my Chemistry Teacher at
Trenton High in 1980:) Mr Toft was also there at Jr4 in my day.


JoeB said...

I graduated from Junior Four in 1945 and the only teachers names I recognize are Mr Studenmeyer and Mr. Toft.

Mack said...

Hi JoeB. Sorry I couldnt find more of the teachers you knew. What a school this was :)

JoeB said...

I was in Junior Four 1943, 1944 and graduated 1945. I remember Miss Dunn well, she would blow her whistle and all the kids would be silent. For punishment the kids would have to go from class to class without taking. They were days you followed commands from your teachers.