Thursday, March 29, 2012

Allfathers Candy

Allfathers Candy

Since we are nearing Easter:)


GreatGramma said...

Used to get Allfathers Easter eggs as a child......and in those days we had our names written on top......they were terrific. So much so that when I found out they could be ordered, I did just that! Got a box of them the other day.......and I live in New Mexico now. I ordered them from the Honey of a Nut store in the Trenton Farmers Market.......They still are the best..even over 60 years later!!!

JoeZ said...

Mack: We use to buy Allfather's eggs at Tracy's on Hamilton Ave. In fact a friend of mine in grammar school his father had something to do with the company part owner or something.

Mack said...

Hi Joe & Gramma:)

Ah 2 familiar places..Trenton Farmers Market & Tracys...when I was a kid I thought ALL Five and Ten stores were called Tracys:)

Anonymous said...

Mack, I am delighted that you enjoyed seeing the Allfather truck photo on my Zazzle site, but can you kindly include a link to the page on which you found it? Thanks.