Thursday, March 1, 2012

Saint Mary's Cathedral Mass for JFK , November 1963

Saint Mary's Cathedral Mass for JFK, November 1963

I assume the churches in the Burg might have also
had masses for this sad event in American history.
However, this is the only picture I could find:)


Anonymous said...

I believe we had the day off to watch the funeral on TV. What they say is true, you never forget where you were when news like that broke. They made the announcement over the PA at Notre Dame. We sat in Sister Patrina's in total disbelief since his condition wasn't known and a few were even joking that it was in "the rear" but those moments of levity crashed down with the second announcement he was gone.

During the campaign we stood out in front of Saint Hedwig's for hours waiting for his car to pass down Olden Avenue. JoeZ must have been 8'th grade then. This was amidst chatter and debate on TV that as a Catholic, Kennedy was beholden to "The Pope" and could not declare war without Vatican permission. Alas, such were our interesting times, Nikita banging his shoe and when the air raid sirens howled you hid under a strangers porch, with "Bear Bombers" coming over the poles and "The DEW Line", BOMARC missiles raised and in plain sight on 539. How were we such happy kids is amazing isn't it? And we were too!



JoeZ said...

Skip, saw JFK pass right by my house on Brunswick Ave. My dad met him personally at the Morven in Princeton as at that time he was working for the Governor.