Friday, March 30, 2012

Phone Booths

Phone Booths

Phone booths have come and gone. I remember phone booth
locations on Chambers & Hamilton, Liberty & Chambers,
Liberty & South Broad, and in front of Franklin School.
Do you remember any?


JoeZ said...

Mack: There was one in the drug store on Beatty St, I think the side street was Elm. My most famous one was in Brunswick Drugs, wooden type doors and frame, smelled like cigarettes from all the guys who called the girls up. Good memory.

Anonymous said...

Remember the sign outside, about 8" X 8" that was blue with a white "bell" so you knew there was a public phone inside.

How's about trying to look up a number only to discover the page had been torn out you knew it was by some jealous suitor who did not want the rest of the world to know!

Or, on a hot day, that little fan "on the Fritz? Or waiting sipping tha Cherry Coke or Lime Rickie while Joe gabbed with Roe? That was a nice booth. Over on the left oak with a nice dark patina. Joe, wasn't there some little trick to keep the door ajar and the light off?