Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Independence Mall Stores 1963

Independence Mall Stores 1963

Dunhams, Food Fair, Solfo Paint, Sherwood Jewelers, Sugar
& Spice Bakery, Pets & Plants, Demores Hobby, Barretts
Shoes, Ripley Clothes, The Peanut Store, Murphys, Kinney
Shoes, Thrift Drug, York Shop, Hurley-Tobin, Lurias,
Feese on the Mall, Agabiti Cobbler Shop, Renes Beauty
Salon, Your Cleaning Village.

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Barb P said...

OK, here's a name out of the past that had one of the trendiest womens stores in the Independence Mall...Bobby Varga. Bobby Varga and his "partner" Blaze brought in the "Carnaby Street", London look to Trenton. Very expensive and very chic.