Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ginos, South Broad Street 1970

Ginos, South Broad Street 1970
Behind the counter is Bonnie Cozens if anyone knows her:)


SJBill said...

I'll have a Gino Giant, an oder of fries or a large Coke, please.

When the Sirloiner was available, there were few better offerings(Rossi Burgers were a huge exception!).

BTW, they are making a come-back:

Barb P said...

Used to live in that place, only 2 blocks from home. Later became Roy Rodgers, but didn't have the same ambiance.

frank r said...

Ginos was great. Especially the Gino Giant. Great memories. Has anyone been to the new Ginos there are 2 locations one in King of Prussia across from the mall the other on Street Road miles several miles from Neshaminy Mall.