Friday, February 10, 2012

Mercer Airport 1969

Mercer Airport 1969
For any of the Burg folks that used this or worked here
back in the day. This terminal burned down later that
year in 1969 and was replaced:)


Anonymous said...

I guess it was in about 1960 and Mercer was offering rides in a Sikorsky helicopter for $1.

My buddy's Mom worked at GM on Parkway and dropped us off early that morning. There was a small "Terminal Area" in a corner of that building with a few seats and a ticket counter.

In came the fog and it lasted all day so there we sat and I am sure the ticket agent was trying to figure out where to bury our cold dead but at least now quiet corpses that were no longer badgering him with "Mister when will the fog go away?"

Had we known where we were we could have walked over to Scotch and Parkway and got a bus home but the penalty for leaving where you were dropped off was "skinned alive" or "ears pinned back".

Back in the 1950's a crowd would gather in Stacy Park by the Trenton Makes Bridge, on Saturday or Sunday evening to watch that huge Sikorsky make the first air mail runs by "chopper" from the Trenton Post office down the river to Philly. The helicopter was a miracle machine back then.

Have you ever seen the Pitcarin Gyro Copter that was over at Robbinsville Airport Mac? It was the same family that owned Pitcarin Oldsmobile. It looked like a regular plane with the engine up front, had wings and a large set of chopper blades would spin (not engine powered), allowing for short take offs. The well-to-do were supposed to buy them up like candy to take off from the lawns of their estates. It worked quite well but never sold like hotcakes however.


Anonymous said...

That is probably an Allegheny Airlines Convair on the ramp back then. They later became US Air which also served Mercer. I think even Eastern Airlines had a short stab at the market too.

I remember sitting in a Beech Sport waiting for one of the Boeing 737's to take off and never felt so small.