Monday, January 16, 2012

Your Guestbook Posts (Thank You All)

Your Guestbook Posts (Thank You All)


I lived in the Burg from 1966 to Sept 19 1978 we moved
to Hamilton. It was one of the saddest days of my life.
I still remember the neighborhood as it was yesterday.
Thanks for the memories. President Jimmy Carter came
to the Feast of Lights on September 10 1977. I was
walking up S.Broad St near Independence Mall when the
motorcade came by. Great memories of childhood. I lived
on the Corner of Ashmore and Anderson and you may have
delivered the newspaper to our house. Remember the
paper house on Anderson St across from Creccos and
near Contis hair salon. That is when the Trenton Times
used to come out in the afternoon.

Pat Taylor Kovaleski Pollack

I love your site, thanks for all the great pictures
and the memories!!

judith Foley

I was starting my Christmas decorating and there has
been a box of antique ornaments that have been in the
family for well over 100 years. The box was labeled
"Leigh Frizzell @ 899 So. Broad St. Trenton, N.j.".
My grandparents and family before them came from

Jeff Siet

Does anyone have an old Creccos Menu?
Does anyone have the recipe for Lou's Sangria?
Thank you

Laurie Sheffield

I gotta tell you that your site has brought back many
good memories for me. I was born Laurie
Trenton.St. Frances Hospital...a LONG time ago. My
dad lived there most all his life until passing in
'89.( He lived on Olden Ave.) He used to take us
( my mom and sis and I ) to Greco's , and we ate
DeLorenzos pies with gusto!
Thanks for the memories......

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