Saturday, January 14, 2012

Trenton Restaurants With The Word Tomato Pie or Steakhouse in Their Name:in 1963

Trenton Restaurants With The Word Tomato Pie or Steakhouse
in Their Name in 1963.

Trenton Restaurants with the words Tomato Pie in their
name 1963..Brunswick 1303 Brunswick Av, DeLorenzos Hudson
/Hamilton, Franks 855 S Broad, Gabys 627 Centre, Hamiton
485 Chestnut, Joes 550 S Clinton, Helens 710 Beatty,
LaRoma 719 S Broad, Leskos 1 Stanton, Louis 28 N Olden
, Luigis 1144 Greenwood, Marucas 117 S Olden, Naples
542 N Clinton, Papas 802 Chambers, Picas 461 Whittaker,
Tanzones 201 N Hermitage.

Trenton Restaurants with the word Steakhouse in their
name 1963.. Anthonys 826 S Clinton, Blakes 283 Walnut,
Carrs 123 Passaic, Cornish 91 Union, Famous 337 N Warren,
Freeway 330 Perry, Grays 811 Stuyvesant, H&B 290 N
Clinton, Hoagie Joes 500 Monmouth, Janes 1282 E State,
Jeans 304 Brunswick, Larrys 42 Ewing, Maloy 1530 Calhoun,
Monument 326 N Broad, Old 316 Perry, Peps 945 Liberty,
Sallys 342 N Clinton, Sams 645 N Clinton, Schultzes 497
Lalor, Sherman 101 Sherman, Starkies 894 E State,
Stouts 186 W Ingham, Uncle Tonys 601 Lalor, Willow
Street 144 N Willow


Anonymous said...

1303 Brunswick Avenue was Cassanni's and in MYHO, was the best pie in town. Two old gals with pot of sauce on the stove. Heaven!

Mike's Steak House was a few doors from Helene Fuld Horse Pistol. He later branched out and started another location on Olden by Route 31 (it now has a 50's theme) and what is now an auto repair place on 31 at Pennington, now it's Suburban Wrench.


Anonymous said...

Sam's Tomato Pie was on Princeton a block from Southard.

Whitey's Tomato Pie was on Olden at Arctic Parkway.

Zeffuti's Tomato Pie was on Olden across from Eagle Bakery and on Friday made beer battered cod that was spectacular. Friday night was the traditional night for a pie, plain or mushrooms because we were still meatless then.


JoeZ said...

Cassanni's was great for pies let us not forget Top Road Tavern.