Monday, January 23, 2012

Trenton High Hallway

Trenton High Hallway

A new picture of a hallway from good ole Trenton High.
Thank you for this Judy Bingley Staed. Trenton High
needs to be restored not torn down. God Bless my ole


Noel said...

Narrowly escaped having my *ss beat in the second floor hallway in A Bldg that ran behind the stage of the auditorium. A buddy and I were at his locker, about in the middle of the hallway, when a group of rioters came sweeping down the hall. A guy swung a fist at my head and stopped just shy of my face, then keep moving past. We were at their mercy. That was in 1968

Mack said...

Hi Noel:)
I was 1977-1980.. wayyyyyyyyy after the riots and wayyyy before the gangs:)