Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Trenton Catholic/Immaculate Conception 1961

Trenton Catholic/Immaculate Conception 1961

Immaculate Conception was our family church most of my Burg
days. In my Burg days there was no Trenton Catholic, the
kids instead went mostly to Saint Anthony's/McCorristin if
they went to a Catholic High School.


Anonymous said...

Cathedral closed in about 1972 but Notre Dame and Villa Victoria are still going.


I had the pleasure of a short stay at ND where a boy had to sit next to and across from a girl at lunch and a banana had to be eaten with a fork. These were not rumors. Not to mention the horror or "The Freshman Tea Dance" where you had to get ten girls to sign your card for a waltz or minuet past the onlooking nuns.

Dan Granaldi said...

I graduated from Cathedral
1963. Attended Trenton Catholic until it closed in 1962. I remember Father John Francis well. He was nicknamed "Father Dilli Dally"

Barb P said...

I graduated from Immaculate in 1962and I also remember Fr Dilly Dally (guess it was the red hair), Fr Clarence (Golden Wave) and Fr Carmellus, who used to run the Trenton Catholic dances with an iron hand.