Thursday, January 12, 2012

SJ Bill Talks About Bread In His Burg Days

SJ Bill Talks About Bread In His Burg Days


Back when I was a kid, packaged bread was somewhat of a
novelty item. An everyday packaged bread was sold in most
of the Mom & Pop stores like Spike Thomas's at Genesee
and Hudson. I can't tell you who made it because there
was no printing on the wrapper. It cost about 10 cents
a loaf - sliced. It had to be baked locally becuase it
was fresh and tasty. We bought bread depending on what
we were eating that night. Spaghetti and meatballs
night meant we bought bread from Italian People's
Bakery or New Colonial Bakery. Chicken soup or tuna
salad needed rye bread from Blumenthal's Bakery on
South Broad Street. The best rye rolls were sold each
Saturday morning at Paramount Bakery on the corner of
Genessee Street and Beatty Street. Artie Heymen sold
hard crusted Jewish rye bread that came from Frey's
Bakery, out on East State Street. This went real
well with Hungarian specialties like szalona or
kolbasz and kraut or stuffed cabbage. All were
excellent and within walking distance of home. And
I haven't even gotten into pastries, donuts or old
style bagels. We were truly blessed! but today I
cannot eat any of them. ;-)


Anonymous said...

SJ Bill, I was just thinking about what was missing this Christmas yesterday.

Those little folded cookies; some with lekvar and some with apricot. Now I'll have to hit Pulaski Meats in the Farmers Market for their poppy seed roll too.

Is the Hungarian Import Store still on South Broad?


JoeZ said...

Skip and SJ Bill, I miss those cookies also, my mother made them every Christmas and put them in a tin can. Paramount Bakery was my usual stop for Grandmom on Saturday mornings.

Bob Reck said...

Don't forgey Kramer's for seeded rye, hard rolls and bagels -just out of the oven-yup!!!!

Mack said...

Hi Skip Joe & Bob:)
The import store may still be open but i have heard it was or is closed :)