Monday, January 2, 2012

Queen Trinket

Queen Trinket.
Local Trenton Dancer. This is her in the 1970s.


Anonymous said...

I was not much for the "Go-Go" scene but one night saw her in a bar towards the end of her career.

She had the unique ability to get the tassels on her "appliques" counter rotating while spinning around.


JoeZ said...

Yeah OK Skipster you never visited the Go-Go Scene. LOL.

Wedding Supplier said...

she is very beautiful ..

Anonymous said...

I remember a Trenton Times article about the Chit-Chat that focused on Queen Trinket. About 1970 or slightly earlier, I think.

Anonymous said...

My name is Barry and I'm an original Trenton guy now living far out of Jersey!

My buddies and I used to see queen trinket dance in the Trenton bar scene often in the mid 70's she used to dance with another dancer named Bubbles. ( A Blonde) They were both extremely nice and not morons! However queen trinket was the best! She would put lighter fluid on her pasty tassels and light them on fire! With chest muscle control she could change the direction of the on fire lit tassels individually at will! It made for a amazing show and it earned her a lot of well deserved tips! I was 18-19 in those days and I'll never forget her! Once in a while I still think of her and the good Ol days back in T town!I hope that she is still alive and enjoying a good life! Either way ALL HAIL QUEEN TRINKET! And Bubbles as well! You women made a lot of guys happy and those memories still live on!