Sunday, January 29, 2012

An Important Note To My Readers

An Important Note To My Readers

I just got done clearing out my Kirriemuir1962 email for the
past 60 days. It contained over 700 spam emails. Google blogs
does a good job of blocking them from the actual site but
they do show up in email. Yikes. All kinds of goods and
services out there LOL. Anyway. I would like to say thank
you for the Christmas Greetings and Condolences on the
passing of my dear Mother in November. I would advise all
to use my guestbook for questions or comments instead.
Thank you all as always and its fun walking down Burg
Memory Lane with all of you:)


JoeZ said...

Mack: You are welcome. Thanks for all the memories you bring back.

Vince said...

Mack, your site is a joy to visit and you efforts are much appreciated.
Best regards