Friday, November 18, 2011

That Stone Bridge Route 29

Here is that Stone Bridge over Route 29 familiar to many
Burg folks. I always thought this was nice looking.
The right lane here takes you to the Calhoun Street
Bridge. Further up Rt 29 is that walking overpass to
Stacey Park which I have never seen anyone use.


Anonymous said...

A lot of folks would walk or jog that at noon. It was popular with folks from The Huge, er, Hughes Justice Complex. You went over the "Free Bridge", that brought you out by Simpson Chevrolet and then down the canal path to the Calhoun then back down State. Tired me out remembering it.


I miss the old Stacy Park before there was a Route 29. The big show was the evenings huge Sikorsky helicopter that took "Air Mail" to Philadelphia. I hope Ralph fine tunes that for us!

Anonymous said...

Stacy Park may come back.....Rt 29 is in the plan for changes