Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Skelton Library, South Broad Street, The Burg

Skelton Library, South Broad Street, The Burg
I used to leave my bike outside when coming in to return
books back in the 1970s. God bless the ole Burg:)


Anonymous said...

In 1960 you could leave the bike unattended.

1n 1965 you had to have a lock that at least went around the fork and spokes. But "they" (the mysterious they ;), could just take the bike off.

In 1975 "they" tried to burn through the wood banister of the apartment building not one but two nights in a row. Thank The Lord for smoke detectors.


Mack said...

Hi Skip:) In the 1970s I would leave my bike unattended here without worrying about it and there was never a problem. I guess everyone had different experiences:)