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A Marsilio's Review from 2001, The Burg

A Marsilio's Review from 2001, The Burg

Marvelous Meal at Marsilio's in the 'Burg
Times, The (Trenton, NJ)- November 16, 2001

MARSILIO'S ADDRESS: 541 Roebling Avenue

HOURS: 11:30 a.m.-2 p.m. weekdays, 5-10 p.m. Mon.-Thurs.,
to 11 p.m. Fri.-Sat. CREDIT CARDS: Yes
SMOKING: Front room only
FOOD: Excellent
SERVICE: Excellent
AMBIANCE: Gracious, white tablecloth restaurant
COST: Appetizers $6.50-$12.95, entrees $16.95-$28.95

A marvelous meal at Marsilio's in the 'Burg

Surviving in the restaurant business is an iffy thing, but
to survive for 50 years is a major accomplishment. There
are other restaurants in the Chambersburg area of Trenton
who can brag, but not many. And while Marsilio's on
Roebling Avenue changed hands some 16 years back, it has
only become better with that change. It is hard to believe
that it was more than five years ago that I reviewed here.
Associate taster Lee and I descended upon the restaurant
early to improve our evening after a dull movie. Boy,
was the evening improved! Our server, Candy, new to
Marsilio's, couldn't have been more helpful. She recited
some specials and made them sound so delicious that Lee
jumped at the fresh asparagus in a pastry puff, $9.95,
with a delicate creamy sauce. Lee did all but lick the
platter clean, and I loved my sample. (Did we detect
mascarpone cheese?) Good work, kitchen. I elected to
have a Caesar salad, $5.95, and when Lee saw the size
of it, she chose to cancel her spinach salad with a
warm bacon dressing, $6.50. We shared the Caesar and
still couldn't finish it, although we both loved it.
Don't worry about leaving here hungry.. That was just
the first course. We shared a pasta course in true
Italian dining fashion. There are six choices on the
menu and I couldn't resist the temptation to order the
orecchiette con Pancetta, $14.95, ( ''little ears''),
with pancetta, onions and cherry tomato halves and good
olive oil. I adore that pasta, but I confess it was the
chance to taste some bacon (restricted in my new diet)
that led me to that choice. The pasta choices range
from $13.95 for vodka rigatoni to $19.95 for shrimp
scampi (or marinara). So far we were in food heaven,
adding in the crusty bread and garlicky olive oil
which we requested.Entrees didn't let us down,either.
Lee chose a veal scallopine special with artichokes,
$22.95, in a wine sauce. She also chose a mix of late
fall vegetables, while I ordered the broccoli rabe,
$4.95, for more than a generous plateful gilded with
roasted garlic buds. Scrumptious. Also wonderful and
enormous was my slab of Chilean sea bass with a fresh
tomato, black olive and capers salsa, which I asked to
be served on the side, $26.95. The bass was cooked
perfectly, just to doneness. Missed seeing Grace
DiDonato but did see her co-owner, Alan Meinster,
who is also her son-in-law. Time has not changed his
winning ways. Desserts were delicious, especially
that warm bread pudding and the light-as- air tiramisu,
each $5.25. Here's to 50 more years, Marsilio's!

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Joe Fabiano said...

We went there quite often, the whole family ordered lamb chops at every visit...Gino and Frances would always make us feel like family....Memories....