Monday, November 14, 2011

Cleaners and Dyers in the Burg area in the 1960s.

Cleaners and Dyers in the Burg area in the 1960s.
"Cleaners and Dyers" is the name of this list from the
Trenton City Directory:)

Abel Upholstery 111 Howell, Michael Andrew 1065 South
Clinton, Beatty Street Cleaners 653 Beatty, C W Beddiges
1605 Hamilton, Brite Cleaners 6 Rusling, Burns Bonded
Cleaners 360 Bert, Chambers Cleaners 761 Chambers,
Chickies Cleaners 1110 Chestnut, Clover Cleaners 1001 Lalor,
D & E Cleaners 222 Division, Dry Cleaning & Laundry Village
800 South Broad, Emerson Cleaners 1340 Hamilton, The Esquire
Cleaners & Dyers 1028 Liberty, Dan Faggella 410 Hudson,
Holcombe Cleaners 1024 Anderson, Irene's Cleaning & Tailor
Shop 201 William, Kenny's Cleaners 1131 Hamilton, Lavinaro
Cleaners 101 Emory, Angelo Maglioni's Cleaners 457 Emory,
Mayfair Cleaners 346 Elmer, Moses Cleaning & Dyeing 1312
South Broad, Dominick Orsi 899 Chambers, Quality Cleaners
269 Hamilton, Sainte Marie Cleaners 723-25 Chestnut, The
Sparkle 4 Liberty, Tip Top Cleaners 1214 South Broad,
Val Cleaners 719 Roebling, Victory Cleaners 524 Hamilton.

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