Friday, January 29, 2010

Woodland Street Meets Liberty Street, The Burg.

Woodland Street Meets Liberty Street, The Burg.
A place I might have been found at times over three
decades ago. The building closest to Liberty Street
in the picure was Century Hall in my Burg Day. It was
a possible place to hang and talk about the events
of the day and do kid stuff.


Ralph Lucarella said...

Hi again Mack: Was that a dairy place where the fence is on Woodland St.? If it is, my friend, Bob DeBronzo, lived there at one time. My wifes's family lived on Woodland St. after moving from Howell St. and I should be familar with that area.I know that's your old neighboorhood. Regards to all.

Mack said...

Hi Ralph:)

Yes this 224 Woodland Street was
once The Meadowbrook Dairy:)
..owned by Bob Reck's Dad.
1 block away are Howell Street
and my block of Liberty:)

Bob Reck said...

Yes, you're right, That's my Dad's place ( Meadowbrook Dairy ). How in the world did you remember that??