Monday, January 9, 2012

A list of Barber Shops in the Burg from the 1960s:)

A list of Barber Shops in the Burg from the 1960s:)

Ben's Barber Shop 1106 Chestnut,Pete Bonelli 1 Cummings,
Arthur Calderone 1032 Liberty, Joseph Capodici 847 South
Broad, Anthony Cardelli 412 Roebling,Orlando Carucci 206
Anderson, Anthony DeLorenzo 524 Hudson, Don's Barber Shop
313 Hudson, Bruno Falvo 860 Chambers, Pasquale Imbalzano
587 South Clinton, Joe's Barber Shop 222 Washington, Joseph
Lotti 188 Division, Luke's Barber Shop 431 Franklin,
Andrew Luzsanszky 36 Anderson,Frank Majofsky 1060 South
Broad, Peter Makar 658 Beatty, Joseph Nemeth 1027 South
Broad, Ralphs Barber Shop 1446 South Clinton, George Seidl
203 Morris, Tulio Santini 899 Chambers, Jas Szathmary 812
South Clinton, Alf Terone 533 Chestnut, Toth's Barber Shop
1070 South Clinton, Anthony Tripodi 512 South Clinton,
Anthony Vigliano 35 Butler, Vincent's Barber Shop 154

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Vince said...

Mack, I new a few of these barbers over the years, however my dad brought me to Tulio's for my first cut as a young boy and I continued getting my hair cut by him until he retired from hair cutting in the early 70's. He was an impeccable barber and always looked professional wearing a white barber's jacket. Something that has gone by the wayside many years ago. This brings back memories of him asking me if I wanted Hop A Long Cassidy hair tonic(Cassadeige in his Italian accent)put on my hair when he finished. It was also a time when barbers used hot shaving cream and a straight razor to shave around the ears and back of the neck. Another thing of the past.
Best regards