Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Saint Joachim's School in the 1940s

Saint Joachim's School in the 1940s
In My Burg day it seemed that like half of the Burg
were members of either Saint Joachim's or Immaculate
Conception Church. My family church was Immaculate for
most of our Burg days.


Joe Colosi said...

Although I attended St Joachim's from 1955 onward, the picture seems like things hadn't changed much from the decade prior.
Was this the kindergarten room? Funny how you remember the rooms being bigger, when you were small!

Anonymous said...

OH boy this brings back nightmares....the beatings with rulers, face slapping, pinched ears and the hard punches to the side and back of the head. The nuns beat the he** out of us and for most of us... for no good reason and I was one of the quite kids. Yeah in the early 60's it was bad. I have to go take some zanax now to relax..I get chills every time I see pictures of St Joachim's school. "I survived Roman Catholic School" but I have the mental scars to prove it.

Tom Pass said...

I was one of those public school "heathens" who reported on Monday afternoons at close of the regular school day for religious instruction from 1950-58. Quite and experience and I remember that room well!

Mack said...

Hi everyone:)
I am an outsider to St Joachims school and church. I think I attended like 3 masses in this fine church. My family were over at
Immaculate and I was a fellow public school "heathen" like Tom most of my days LOL:)